Transportation : Getting to Us

Most of our guests have rented vehicles, to get to us and to get around while visiting the area.  Some of the nearby communities do have buses, and they work for getting around town. However, they do not bring people to us, nor do the buses run between communities.  Arranging transportation back and forth between Big Sky, West Yellowstone and Bozeman then back is not easy, nor inexpensive.  Cabs and Ubers are few and far between in most areas outside of Bozeman.For most people renting an SUV that is All Wheel Drive is the best option for our area.  Personally, I would not even think about renting a non four wheel drive vehicle in the winter, in this area.  Roads throughout Montana are notoriously snowy and icy all winter long.  Renting a Toyota Camry or something similar will be a frustrating experience here.    If you rent an AWD vehicle you should be able to get to us fairly easily.  Just follow the direction, from our website.

Transportation Services

For those of you, who do not want to rent a vehicle for your time in the area.  Below is a list of providers that have brought guests to us, in the past.  Feel Free to Call these services and arrange a ride to us.  Arrange the ride, the same time you book with us.  Do not wait until the last minute.

Big Sky Area
Big Sky Mountain Goat Shuttles (406)599-0521
Mountain & Canyon Cab (406) 551-3553

Bozeman Area Snow Country Limo (406)577-1960
Bozeman Airport Taxi (406) 451-3231

West Yellowstone Area
Yellowstone Adventures (406)646-7735